Why Emphasize Technology?

Dr. Ryle Kiser, Superintendent

In today’s society, there are very few things that change or force change like technology. Young people of today are growing up in an environment where the foundation for future success is tied directly to being technologically savvy. The students of today’s educational world find it natural to deal with a variety of issues through technology and if you haven’t watched them, they are completing multiple tasks at the same time using technology. And what is both exciting and challenging is that this evolution has only just begun.

There was a piece of research completed a couple of years ago that stated that 80% of the jobs that today’s kindergarten student will apply for at the age of 24 do not exist today. These types of changes are due to the rapid changes in technology. If our students and your children are not prepared to grow with this trend, they will not be able to compete for these new jobs that will come into existence. This will hinder them with difficulties dealing with the changes that are occurring not only in this community and the state of Michigan, but globally as well.

Students today are much different than they were in the past. Technology has created a new type of learner who depends on a variety of technological tools to provide them with assistance in gaining knowledge and working together. Because of this, schools have to change to meet the expanding learning demands of the students. By changing how we teach and how we prepare what is taught to provide an educational environment that will address the demands for skills that will allow the students to be creative and flexible. We will have to challenge them to push themselves through the use of technology to meet their own individualized learning goals and provide the support necessary through instruction for them to be successful.

Technology has forced many changes in society. If the educational system does not break the mold and attempts to continue to using the old instructional models, what will our students do in order to be successful once they step out into the real world, whether it is in the workforce, the military or some other type of continuing education? It is our goal to provide the students with the opportunities to discover where their true talents lie, while learning how to be successful utilizing those talents.  In today’s society, both economically and educationally, this can only be done through a better understanding of technology and how to use it. What we know about the future is that it will be significantly different from what it is today. A greater understanding of technology will allow the students to successfully adjust to the changes they are going to encounter in their lives.