Early 5's-2nd Grade Principal's Corner

The staff at George Long is dedicated, highly qualified and eager to ensure student success. We pride ourselves in having positive high expectations for our students and staff. To help ensure student success, strive to actively listen and become involved with your child. Listen to how they feel about school, get involved in school activities and keep open communication. Find out what they enjoy, what is easy or difficult for them. At the early ages it is important to set the stage for lifelong learning.

Evenings in many households are very busy. It is essential to set aside a consistent time to do homework. Even if your child may not have a specific assignment, keep this time open to read, practice math facts or write in a journal. Let your child know you are there to help them and encourage them to persevere. Most of all, compliment their success. We encourage you to be proactive in their education and begin with the end results in mind.