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George Long Elementary School Students Share Views of their Favorite Teachers

Mrs. Schinck was great because she taught us everything - James W.

A teacher that was great was Ms.Bahlau, but I had to leave her because I was going into second grade. - Haley S.

Mrs. Creger was a good teacher because she was super nice. - Grady K.

I thought all my teachers were great because they took the time to help and teach me. - Shane J.

Mrs. McEldry was great because she was my tutor for many years. - Ameena F.

Mrs. Kalmbach and Mrs. Dowell because they collaborate with us. - Lily F. 

A teacher I thought was great was every teacher I have ever had!! - Maci D.

I thought my first grade teacher was great because we got to hatch eggs and watch baby chicks grow. It was a lot of fun to watch the chicks grow feathers. - Tate D.

One teacher that I think is great is Mrs. Schinck because she is nice and always helped me. She always made me feel important and she made me not feel shy. - Will C.