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Ms. Bahlau's Class Thanks our Michigan State Police

George Long Elementary School's Ms. Dakota Bahlau and her 1st grade class developed a plan to thank members of our Michigan State Police for their service. This project was inspired by a visit to Ms. Bahlau's classroom by our Grass Lake Community Schools Liaison Officer, Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Roe. The class members wanted to do an additional project to thank Deputy Roe for the hard work he does each and every day to keep us safe. But an idea took hold to change one ”thank you” into many “thank yous’. So the class decided to send “High 5” thank yous to Michigan State Police posts throughout the State. The photos illustrate the work of our class members, as well as responses from some of the MSP posts. Well done Ms. Bahlau and class members!

#bluethankyous #thinblueline @michiganstatepolice

Dakota Class

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