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Grass Lake Travel Club Experiences Ireland

4.6.18 #2 - "A trip to Ireland would not be complete without kissing the Blarney Stone! Once kissed you received the ‘gift of eloquence’ otherwise known as the gift of gab...not that Americans need this:) It is needless to say but we all puckered up! Would you kiss the Blarney Stone!?!"

composite Ireland



4.6.18 #1 - "Stopped By Cobh (southern coastal city in Ireland) today, which was the last port of call by the ill-fated Titantic. We were able to become passengers on ships that had fatal endings such as the Neva, Lusitania, and the Titanic. We were tasked with finding our fate. Some survived and some did not but all were truly amazing but sad tales. We also saw the monument of Annie Moore, 15, who was the first immigrant to step across the threshold at Ellis Island."



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4.5.18 - "With all the sheep and rocks, how do they go about herding? Sheep dogs! Amazingly smart animals, the purebred border collies have their own whistle set of commands. They’re 12 sheep dogs on this farm alone with another 8 dogs helping out when necessary. The dogs have full control when they make eye contact with the sheep. Truly amazing! We even got to snuggle with a few lambs:)"

Sheep 1 Dakota Ireland Sheep

Ireland Sarah

Ireland sheep group


4.4.18 - "The Cliffs of Moher is a majestic piece of Ireland that you have to see to really experience it. It is hard to describe this place in words, though one of my student travelers did put it nicely, “....I may not have much sun but I have peace.”



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4.3.18 - "With our new travel friends from New York and Tennessee we visited O’Connell Monument. David O’Connell is known as the liberator of Ireland. He is so famous that there is a street named for him in every city of Ireland. What a trip so far!!"

Travel Club in Ireland


4.2.18 - "Another great day. The Irish for Salthill is ‘Bóthar na Trá’, which literally means ‘the road by the sea’. This name fits perfectly especially for the promenade. Atlantic Ocean behind us, Ireland in front of us, and only adventures ahead!!!"



4.1.18 - "Reading the Proclamation of Freedom for the Republic of Ireland on Easter Sunday at Trinity College...doesn’t get much better than that. Easter is to the Republic of Ireland as the 4th of July is to us. Celebrating their freedom from British Rule!"

Pictured: Denise Lotz: Grass Lake Middle School, Amy Johnston: Grass Lake Parent of Traveler Sarah Johnston



3.31.18 - Safe travels are wished for our Grass Lake Travel Club members who are on their way to Ireland for Spring Trip 2018. Have a great time! We look forward to hearing about your trip when you return.

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