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School Lock-Down Drill Information for Parents

From the Desk of Dr. Ryle Kiser, Grass Lake Superintendent of Schools

We have received inquiries from family members of our school district's students asking about our preparedness levels in the event of an active shooter in our buildings. All of our buildings are required to perform a specified number of preparedness drills each school year that cover tornadoes, fire, and lock-down scenarios. Tornado drills and fire drills are self explanatory.

Lock down drills are in preparation for any event that ranges from seeing a suspicious individual on school district property, to having an active shooter on site. During these drills an announcement is made over our public address system that we are going into lock-down status. Immediately all staff members lock doors, move their students to an area in their respective spaces that are out of sight lines from their classroom doors, direct the students to be completely silent, and shut off all lights. These directions are given by our teachers who have gone through actual active shooter training in our buildings and are well aware of our procedures. Our students then remain in that status until a school administrator clears each individual classroom with a face to face conversation with each teacher.

As you are aware, ongoing protections are in place requiring that anyone desiring to enter the building must be cleared by our office personnel before entering and all exterior entry points into our school buildings are locked throughout the school day.

We hold our students' safety in the highest regard. With our training and our drills we are prepared in the event that it is necessary to fully implement our practiced procedures in an emergency situation. To view our record of practice drills performed with our students during the 2017-2018 school year, go to our website at and hover over "About Us" at the top of the page, then scroll down to "2017-2018 School Drill Record".