• George Long Elementary PTO




    The George Long Elementary
    Parent Teacher Organization
    WELCOMES you to the 2019/2020 School Year!

    GLEPTO is an organization made up of dedicated parents, just like you.
    Parents who strive to see our children succeed! 

    Thank you to the following board members for your dedication.
    2019-2020 PTO Officers
    President: Sarah Holda 
    Vice-President: Angie Kurylo
    Treasurer: Nicole Gero
    Secretary: Christina C. Orban
    Trustee: Lisa O'Connor
    Trustee: Rebecca Miles-Kohn
    Trustee: Erin Trotter

    E-mail: ptogeorgelong@gmail.com

Elementary PTO Meeting Schedule

  • The PTO meets on the first Tuesday of each month @ 4:00 pm during the school year in the Elementary Library.

    Parents, Teachers, and Community Members are welcomed and encouraged to attend all open meetings. In order to keep on task and work efficiently, only items on the agenda will be discussed. If you have a topic you would like to add to the agenda please email our Secretary at ptogeorgelong@gmail.com.

Elementary PTO Files

Contact the PTO

  • Gero, Nicole, Treasurer

    Email:  ptogeorgelong@gmail.com

    Hensen, Ashlea, President

    Mobile:  517.392.5600
    Email:  ahensen5@yahoo.com

    Holda, Sara, Co-President

    Email:  ptogeorgelong@gmail.com

    Kurylo, Angie, Vice President

    Email:  ptogeorgelong@gmail.com

    Orban, Christina, Secretary

    Email:  ptogeorgelong@gmail.com

    Welser, Jennifer, Co-Vice President

    Email:  ptogeorgelong@gmail.com