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    Welcome to the web page for the Grass Lake Alumni Association. We are looking for features to add to the page that will be informative about Grass Lake alumni. If you have ideas about what to add to the site, contact Doug Moeckel ('74) by phone at 517-867-5544, or by e-mail at doug.moeckel@grasslakeschools.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Grass Lake Alumni Association Board of Directors Officers
    President - Linda Lockwood Hutchinson
    Vice President - Cindy Clark Payne
    Secretary - Sandy Wolfinger Bromley
    Treasurer - Anna Loveland

    P.O Box 374
    Grass Lake, MI 49240

    E-Mail - grasslakealumni@gmail.com

    “Working together to support Grass Lake students
    of the past, the present, and the future.”



    1929 Grass Lake Yearbook Offered for Viewing
    Click here to find a PDF slideshow of the 1929 Grass Lake Schools yearbook. The yearbook was graciously loaned to us by Bill White and belonged to Bill's mother's sister, Clara Hewlett. It is definitely a treasure. Thank you to Bill and the White family for the loan. (Note that it is quite a large file, but after having opened it, you can scroll through it by hitting the down arrow on your keyboard.)

    CONTACT INFORMATION FOR SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS (Alumni Association, Community Scholarship, Educational Foundation)

    P.O Box 374
    Grass Lake, MI 49240

    The Grass Lake Alumni Scholarship Fund receives donations to fund scholarships for Grass Lake High School students specifically for the purpose of advancing their education. These funds are directed to specific scholarship funds. The Alumni Association Board annually reviews scholarship applications and works to attribute the scholarship awards to the individual for whom the funds were donated.

    Sandy Bromley

    PO Box 795
    Grass Lake, MI 49240

    The Grass Lake Community Scholarship receives donations and uses investments to fund 8-10 scholarships ranging from $500 to $1000 to graduating high school seniors. The scholarship committee acknowledges the donor and the family of the person for whom the money was donated. Scholarship applications are reviewed each spring and the committee receives input from the High School Counselor. They are announced, in memory or in honor of the person, at senior awards night and also at graduation. Awards are printed in the The Grass Lake Times, as well as the Jackson Citizen Patriot.

    Sandy Wolfinger

    PO Box 394
    Grass Lake, MI 49240

    The Grass Lake Educational Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) educational resource founded in 1985. It is separate from the Grass Lake Community Schools and the Grass Lake Board of Education. The GLEF exists to provide additional sources of support for the students and staff of Grass Lake Community Schools. Gifts are acknowledged on our Foundation’s web page at www.grasslakeschools.com and in our quarterly school district newsletters.

    Dr. Ryle Kiser

    Female Leaders Make Their Mark in GL Government
    Grass Lake has a history of strong female leadership as early as 1947, as reported in the Jackson Citizen Patriot and the Grass Lake News. Despite no hot-button issues, voters propelled the Young Women’s Party of Grass Lake into power in Grass Lake Village in 1947-48. And it made national news. See the link for to see the entire story. http://bit.ly/1XqKuLY

    Grass Lake Alumni Registration Form
    We are interested in knowing where you are at and what you are doing. Click here to fill out a registration form that will allow us to update our database and more easily contact you with alumni news and notifications of alumni activities. If you ever have questions, comments, or ideas, please contact Doug Moeckel ('74) at 517-867-5544, or at doug.moeckel@grasslakeschools.com.

    Grass Lake High School Transcripts Now Easy to Access
    Applying to college, transferring to another school, or confirming your education for employers is hard enough. So we've made it easy to send your official High School transcript to any college or organization. Now you can make a request through www.docufide.com and they obtain approval from Grass Lake High School, format your information, confirm that the transcript was sent using postal mail or secure electronic delivery and, for institutions that accept electronic records, provide verification that your transcript arrived.

    Graduation Composite Photos Now Available
    Through the work of Sandy Bromley, Susan Solo, Brian Thompson, John Sullivan of Aireal Associaties, Jim Howe, and James Dameron, and others, a project to preserve Grass Lake High School's senior composite photos has been in progess. Many of the photos are displayed in the Schoolhouse Apartments and can be seen by appointment only by contacting Dick or Marlene Clark. More composites are stored at Grass Lake High School waiting for re-framing. 65 years of composite photos have been digitized and are ready to be made public. Click here to access a slide presentation of these photos, which begin with the graduating class of 1912. Click here to read about this project and find out what needs to be done yet. If you have suggestions, please contact Doug Moeckel at 517-867-5544, or by e-mail at doug.moeckel@grasslakescools.com.